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This page describes the history of Perfect Sync's Software Development Tools.
If you are looking for the current tools, click here.

Air/Traffic Controller was still going strong, and the Copper project had produced some useful new
programs we called Development Tools; they were stand-alone pieces of the much larger Copper puzzle.
In 1998 those tools became products which Perfect Sync licensed to
other software developers who use the PowerBASIC for Windows language.

In 2001, PowerBASIC began to sell our products on their web site, and they quickly accounted for the majority of our monthly sales.

In 2006, while modernizing the Perfect Sync web site, we decided not to rebuild the complex order-processing, credit-card-handling,
and product-delivery systems. Perfect Sync's Development Tools are now sold only through authorized resellers.

For current product descriptions and pricing, click here.

As our twentieth year approached,
we decided we needed a new logo.

Perfect Sync logo (Phase III)

As of 2015 our New Next Big Thing is called GAPE.


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