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Flight Management

Perfect Sync's next big thing was called Flight Management. Instead of simply providing the software for cable traffic departments,
we provided an actual department -- office space, trained staff, computers, caffeine, aspirin, etc. -- so that
cable companies could centralize their back-room operations in one, well-run, auditable data-processing center.

Our new venture needed two pieces of software, Air/Traffic Controller (of course) and something called a T&B (Traffic and Billing) system.
So we partnered with the largest provider of T&B software, Columbine JDS Systems of Golden, CO.
We used the Unix version of their CompuLink product, which was originally written by a very good friend of ours.

The partnership was called Flight Management Associates, LLP. The press release looked like this...

FMA Press Release

The FMA staff looked like this...

Doy Michelle (Chucky)
Tracy Cindy
Staff Staff

Trade shows looked like this...

Chucky at the CAB show Three Booths

Our softball team gradually got bigger and better...

1994 third,1995 second, 1996 FIRST
1994 third,1995 second
1996 FIRST

Driven by the more sophisticated needs of Flight Management,
we began work on the next generation of Air/Traffic Controller...

Copper logo

Our Copper programmers looked like this...

Chris Mark

In early 2000 the T&B operation was moved to Colorado, to take advantage of our partners'
larger staff and physical plant. They were later acquired by a much larger company.

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