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Contacting Perfect Sync by Phone


Perfect Sync no longer maintains a dedicated fax line because 1) there was an extremely low demand, and 2) faxes are just so... twentieth century.


Now hold on just a minute. Do you really need to call Perfect Sync on the phone?

We do not normally answer incoming calls, even during business hours in our local time zone. Almost all of the calls we get are for Mongolian Barbeque, a popular but defunct restaurant that had our number before us. We used to get calls for the local NBC TV station -- we were 7700 and they were 7770 --so we changed it.

By the way, most people just hang up when they get a wrong number, and many of the rest don't listen to what you say when you answer the phone. The most common first questions are "Where are you?" and "Do you have a liquor license?". And don't get me started about telemarketers, surveys, and robocalls.

So we always let the machine pick it up. If you sound legit we'll call you back. For faster response, leave us your name and email address.

Software Developers please note: None of our current software products include phone support in their license fee, and we charge a nontrivial hourly rate if you want to purchase it.

One last time... We're begging you... Please use electronic mail whenever it is practical.

Ok, you read the whole page. {Sigh} If you really need to contact Perfect Sync by phone, click here.

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UPDATED 30 JUL 2017    

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