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General IP

The following are trademarks of Perfect Sync, Inc.

Perfect Sync
Around.TC (Around-dot-TC)
Air/Traffic Controller -- in the context of electronic advertising "on-air" and "traffic" operations.
SpotCheck -- in the context of electronic "spot" advertising.
SQL Tools, Console Tools, and Graphics Tools
Gape -- in the context of landscape and space photography.

The following are service marks of Perfect Sync, Inc.

Perfect Sync Seminars
Flight Management Associates


The stylized-S device:

S device (click for high-resolution image)
Perfect Sync
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The .TC (dot TC) device:

.TC (dot TC)
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Computer Software

SpotCheck, Air/Traffic Controller, SQL Tools, Console Tools, Graphics Tools, Copper, and other Perfect Sync software products are commercial computer programs that are protected by United States and international copyright laws and treaties.


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