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In order to provide high quality technical, sales, and customer support, Perfect Sync collects information about our customers, our resellers, our licensees, people who visit our web sites, and others.

We collect this information for internal use only. We do not supply (sell, rent, or give) information about individuals, corporations, or organizations to any other individual, corporation, or organization without permission.

If you make an online purchase from Perfect Sync we must, of course, provide information about you (name, address, etc.) to our credit card processing service, in order to verify that you are authorized to use your credit card and to allow the processing of purchases, refunds, etc.

Additionally, Perfect Sync may disclose certain information to credit card providers, banks, clearinghouses, law enforcement authorities, government agencies, and other entities who may be legally entitled to obtain the information, or who may need the information in order to investigate possible fraud, copyright violation, or other criminal or uncivil acts.

If you have any questions about this policy, please Contact Perfect Sync.

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UPDATED 30 JUL 2017    

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