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SQL Tools provides comprehensive, procedure-based
SQL database support for PowerBASIC for Windows programs.
SQL Tools is also compatible with VB, C++, Delphi, and many other compilers,
but header files and sample programs are currently provided only for PowerBASIC.
 Contact to inquire about other languages.

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SQL Tools provides all of the functions that PowerBASIC for Windows developers need to write programs that can create, query, and modify SQL databases. You can use any type of database for which a driver is available: Microsoft Access, SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, Excel, QuickBooks, SQLite, Pervasive, PostgreSQL, Firebird... Btrieve, dBASE, DB2, IBM, Sybase, FoxPro, FileMaker... well over 100 of the world's most popular and powerful databases are supported. Even plain old "flat files"!

You'll do all of that using the worldwide-standard SQL Language in your PowerBASIC programs. The entire SQL language is supported, using 100% standard syntax. SQL Tools does not impose any limitations on the SQL syntax that is supported by your ODBC drivers.

SQL Tools is 100% procedural -- you perform database operations with simple functions like SQL_OpenDatabase and SQL_Statement -- so there are no handles, objects, or Windows API calls to worry about. Most PowerBASIC programmers find SQL Tools to be easier to use than ADO, DAO, or OLE DB. And while it depends on the driver you select, most SQL Tools users report equal or better performance!

SQL Tools is based on Microsoft's ODBC technology, but all of the "hard parts" are handled 100% automatically. If you don't believe us, check out a Sample Program. (By the way, if you've heard the time-honored rumor that Microsoft is "dropping support for ODBC" it's simply not true! Visit Microsoft's ODBC Overview page and you'll see that it's a core component of Microsoft's Open Services Architecture, and it is actually the recommended technology for non-OLE database access.)

SQL Tools Pro provides access to virtually 100% of the functionality of the ODBC 3.8 specification, which is the state of the art for SQL/ODBC databases. That means that you can create, read and write MDB file without using Microsoft Access... You can read and write DBF files without using FoxPro or dBase... You don't have to use any DBMS software to gain access to over 100 different types of databases!

SQL Tools is not a database-design program like Microsoft Access or Oracle's SQL*Plus. In other words, SQL Tools does not provide a GUI environment for designing databases from scratch. (To be clear, SQL Tools can be used to create most types of databases but it does not provide a GUI interface for doing so.)

SQL Tools is multi-thread-safe and easily handles concurrent connections/statements, so it's perfect for Internet and Intranet web server applications!


What Does a SQL Tools Program Look Like?

Here's the PowerBASIC source code for a simple program that opens a database, retrieves all of the data from a table called AddressBook, and exports it to a comma-and-quote-delimited text file called MyData.CSV:

    SQL_OpenDB    "SQLTools_Example.DSN"
    SQL_ResultSet "SELECT * FROM AddressBook","MyData.CSV"

That's just ten lines of code, and it's a fully functioning SQL Tools program!

But don't be fooled by the simplicity of that little program. Take another look at the SQL Tools Pro feature list and you'll see that it provides everything you'll need to build powerful, flexible, multi-user database programs. Whether you're a novice or a seasoned SQL guru, SQL Tools has what you need!


What Will I Need To Use SQL Tools?

SQL Tools works with Microsoft Windows 95, 98, 98SE, ME, NT4, 2000, XP, Vista, and Windows 7-10.

You'll need a PowerBASIC 32-bit Windows Compiler (PB/WIN, PB/CC or PB/DLL), plus the ODBC Driver for the database that you want to use.

If you want to design a complex relational database (as opposed to working with an existing database) you should consider the purchase of the appropriate GUI-based "DBMS" database management software, such as Microsoft Access or Oracle SQL*Plus. (If you distribute your program, you do not have to distribute the DBMS program with it.)

We also suggest that you acquire reference materials related to SQL programming. While the SQL Tools documentation contains a lot of information -- the Help File is over 1,100 pages long -- it could not possibly be all-inclusive. Literally thousands of high-quality SQL books are available, covering virtually every "flavor" of SQL.


Language Compatibility

SQL Tools is 100% compatible with all versions of PowerBASIC For Windows and the PowerBASIC Console Compiler, as well as PB/DLL versions 5 and 6. (A small number features require the use of PB/Win 10+ or PB/CC 6+. See What's New for details.)

In addition to a PowerBASIC Static Library, SQL Tools is provided as a standard 32-bit DLL so it is compatible with the great majority of 32-bit Windows programming languages (VB, C, C++, Delphi, etc.), but header files are currently available only for PowerBASIC. Contact Perfect Sync Tech Support to inquire about headers for other languages.



SQL Tools Main Page

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