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SQL Tools Standard includes all of the basic functions that you will need to create PowerBASIC programs that can read and modify SQL databases.

It allows a PB/Win or PB/CC program to have up to four databases/statements open at the same time. The entire text-based, single-statement SQL language is supported; SQL Tools Standard does not impose any limitations on the SQL syntax* that a database recognizes.

Several basic "Info" functions are provided by the Standard version...

Database Info
Database Attributes
Table Info
Table Column Info
Result Column Info

The Database Attribute function alone provides well over 250 different values. You also get...

A powerful set of Error Management functions, including
An "ignore specified error" system
Six Trace Modes

The Pro Version

SQL Tools Pro provides all of the Standard functionality plus a large number of advanced features, including:

Up to 1024 concurrent databases/statements
Storage and retrieval of Long Binary Data (images, sounds, etc.)
Enhanced support for Microsoft Access databases
Statement Auditing (logging)
Batched SQL Statements
Bulk Operations
Positioned Operations
Named Cursors
MultiRow (Block) Cursors
Direct access to raw data, unusual and proprietary data types
Multithreaded Operation
Bound Statement Parameters, including Long values and arrays
Stored Procedures
Manual Commit/Rollback of Transactions
Relative Fetches
Connection Pooling
Low level SQL/ODBC Diagnostics
Extended date/time support: Julian Dates, Day Of Year, etc.
Additional utility functions like SQL_SaveFile and SQL_TableRowCount.

Many different Info (catalog) functions are also included in the Pro Runtime Files, including...

Driver Info
Datasource Info
Data Type Info
Table Statistics
Table/Column Privilege Info
Unique Column Info
Primary Column Info
AutoColumn Info
Index Info
Foreign Key Info
Stored Procedure Info

...and more! The Pro version even allows you to access low level API functions that require ODBC Handles and memory pointers to SQL Tools data buffers. (But only if you want to. The use of handles is never required.)

All of the SQL Tools functions that are described here are subject to the limitations of the ODBC driver that you choose to use. SQL Tools cannot support features that are not supported by your ODBC driver. Most modern ODBC drivers provide most of the functions that are described in this document, but Perfect Sync cannot guarantee that every feature listed here will be available to every program. Think of it this way... Your word processor may support color printing, but if your printer doesn't support color then all you will see is black lettering on white paper. The same is true for your SQL Tools programs and your ODBC driver. SQL Tools can't do things that your database and/or driver don't support.

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UPDATED 30 JUL 2017    

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