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Please note that Technical Support for all Perfect Sync products is provided by Perfect Sync, Inc.
even if you obtained the product from one of our Authorized Resellers.

You may have reached this page through an Authorized Reseller's web site,
but it is maintained by Perfect Sync, Inc.

These policies apply to SQL Tools, Console Tools, and Graphics Tools. Perfect Sync does not provide technical support for our free and Unregistered Shareware products.

We have worked very hard to make sure that our Development Tool documentation contains everything you'll need to know about using our tools. When printed out, our manuals are up to 800 pages long.

Before contacting Perfect Sync for help, please search the documentation for words and phrases that might be related to your question. For example, when the documentation is provided as a Help File, use the Windows Help Contents, Index, and Find features. The printable PDF files can also be searched. Most topics are covered twice: once in the User's Guide and once in the Reference Guide.

If you don't find an answer in the documentation, Perfect Sync provides free Technical Support via electronic mail to all developers who license our tools. Please send all pertinent technical questions to Perfect Sync Technical Support: Be sure to include a detailed description of the problem. If possible please include the source code for a small but complete and compilable program which demonstrates the problem and (if you are using SQL Tools) a Trace File that shows the problem.

If you contact us and it turns out that the answer to your question is given in the documentation, that is probably the answer that you will receive: a polite suggestion that you read a particular section of the Help File. After all, an informal email message from our Tech Support department wouldn't be able to explain a topic nearly as thoroughly as the documentation. If you feel that the documentation does not explain a topic well enough, please cut and paste the unclear help-text into your message, and ask a specific question. We'll be glad to try to clarify!

If the answer to your question is not covered in the documentation but does fall within the bounds that we have established, we will do our best to 1) answer your question quickly and completely via email and 2) add the answer to the next release of the documentation, so that others can benefit.

If your question is outside the bounds that we have established, we reserve the right to decline to provide an answer.

In the end, a Development Tool either works properly or it doesn't. If it doesn't work, or if the documentation is flawed, we will endeavor to provide a maintenance release to fix the problem. If the tool is working properly and the documentation is accurate and complete, that's where you, as a programmer, take over. As the president of PowerBASIC, Inc. was fond of saying, "When you buy a hammer it doesn't come with instructions for building a house". In other words, we can't help you write your programs.

Don't get us wrong: we will be very glad to help you learn to use our tools. But we can't possibly provide free training in the rest of the skills that you will need to complete a project, whether it's a birdhouse or a (data) warehouse.

Perfect Sync reserves the right, at our sole discretion, to charge hourly fees for technical support that does not fall within the bounds of what we consider to be normal and reasonable. (Of course no fees will be charged without the prior consent of the Development Tool Licensee.)

Questions about the licensing and distribution of a Perfect Sync Development Tool runtime file (such as an OCX, DLL, or EXE) and other components are usually answered by the Software License Agreements. Remaining questions should be directed to Perfect Sync Sales:

For PowerBASIC PB/CC, PB/Win, and PB/DLL questions, please contact PowerBASIC also sponsors peer-support forums on the PowerBASIC Web BBS.

Microsoft Visual Basic support is available from a wide variety of internet and phone-based sources.

For help with Windows programming and the Windows API, a good place to start is the free MSDN site at

Perfect Sync reserves the right to change these policies without notice.

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UPDATED 30 JUL 2017    

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